Rush University Medical Center  Research Lab Supervisor - Rush Research Core Preclinical Lab in Chicago, Illinois

Job Title: Research Lab Supervisor - Rush Research Core Preclinical Lab


Shift: 1st

Full/Part: Active Regular FT (72 to 80 hours per pay period)

Specialty: Research

Job Number: 2018-3546

Job Description:

At Rush University Medical Center, we are committed to advancing scientific medical knowledge through research. We are revitalizing our medical centers with an emphasis on productivity, transparency and accountability. Are you looking to be a part of the exciting, always evolving and expanding new developments in research at Rush?

If this describes you, you may be the right candidate for the Research Lab Supervisor positionwith the Research Core-Preclinical Lab Department at Rush University Medical Center!

Position Highlights:

Under the guidance of the Principle Investigator, this position coordinates and manages Preclinical Cardiology research, trainings, and experimental procedures for the Divisions of Adult and Pediatric Cardiology. Coordinate, maintain and perform CRC/IACUC regulatory standards, oversee Preclinical Cath Lab and maintain this space, bring preclinical lab and all subsequent cardiology research into FDA GLP compliance and maintain compliance, function as the Test Facility Manager under GLP and have all GLP employees report to them, management of the preclinical laboratory, and perform all anesthesia, surgical assistance, necropsy, and oversight for all preclinical research of the Rush University Medical Center Division of Cardiology.

Exemplifies the Rush mission, vision and values and acts in accordance with Rush policies and procedures.

II. Position Responsibilities:

A. Manage activities of the Preclinical Laboratory:

i. Maintain and enforce strict adherence to IACUC/CRC/USDA/OSHA guidelines/polices for all physicians, technicians, and non-Rush employees who participate in Cardiology Research.

ii. Is the liaison between the multiple Rush physicians and external pharmaceutical/research groups desiring to use the Preclinical Lab.

iii. Weekly inventory and supply the needed cardiac cath tools, medications (controlled/non-controlled), supply requisition, and ensure proper use of all equipment and medications in the lab.

iv. Represent the Section of Cardiology and its research at CRC/IACUC/Rush University.

v. Coordinate and administrate inter-department communications.

vi. Responsible for budget preparation; prepares estimates of project costs and timetables for trial funding and contract negotiations.

vii. Responsible for all surgical setup, all aspects of anesthesia, necropsy, histology, dissection, physical/electronic documentation, clean-up of lab and necropsy facilities, etc.

viii. Coordinate and serve as a liaison between any depts. and outside entities which would like to contract use of Preclinical facilities, and have budgets and estimates for such circumstances.

ix. Bring all Preclinical Lab facilities and subsequent research into FDA GLP Compliance.

x. Coordinate media for distribution/advertisement, including a website and pamphlet.

xi. Organize, coordinate, and assist in physician training sessions between drug/device companies, Rush, our PIs, and those to be trained. Includes creating budgets and proposals, setting up the logistics of training sessions, performing all surgical setup, anesthesia, necropsy, histology, etc.

B. FDA GLP Compliance:

i. Responsible for bringing the Preclinical Cath Lab, and all associated facilities and subsequent research into FDA GLP Standards compliance.

ii. Organizing a facility and infrastructure inspection for GLP certification.

iii. Coordinate with CRC and other depts. to streamline GLP research with their functions.

iv. Ensure that all facilities, infrastructure, and personnel are well-versed and compliant with GLP.

v. Establish and staff a GLP Quality Assurance Unit and GLP Archive.

C. Animal Health Care Functions:

i. Responsible for ordering appropriate animals in required timeframe from outside vendors

ii. Prepare drug dose calculations and in preparation and administration of pharmaceuticals and anesthesia to common species of animal housed in the CRC

iii. Conduct surgical manipulation, necropsy, dissection, and histological techniques.

iv. Coordinate and perform record keeping and documentation as they relate to the use of controlled substances in the CRC; such as USDA report, health certificates, quarantine, post-op, and treatment records; anesthesia logs, vaccination records, record of disposition, necropsy reports.

v. Liaison with CRC Director and vet techs regarding the health status of their animals.

D. Surgical and Non-Surgical Preparation and Assistance:

i. Schedule/coordinate procedures and prepare for all surgical and non-surgical cath lab procedures using an aseptic approved protocol.

ii. Perform catheterization, IV, intubation, and induction of anesthesia prior to surgery. Then monitor, document, and maintain proper anesthetic plane for each procedure. Record all anesthesia, vital signs, and related data pre, pari, and post procedures.

iii. During surgical procedures administers IV and IM medications, while also providing instruments/supplies to the team.

iv. Coordinate and perform documentation related to operative, post-op, and health care records.

E. Laboratory Functions:

i. Perform clinical pathology diagnostics: hematology, bacteriology, fecal exam and skin scrapings.

ii. Writing/submitting protocols, communicate with all participants, maintain Cath Lab (omnibuyer, fluoroscopy), arrange for repairs, storage of specimens, enforce training (radioactive isotopes), computer data entry/record keeping.

iii. Perform basic histological “bench work” including handling of biotherapeutic samples, performing serial dilutions, histological / immunohistochemistry staining, and microscopy.

iv. Perform the required necropsy after each procedural and completing required reports.

v. Maintain on a daily basis cath lab procedure rooms, surgical suites, inventory and support areas.

F. Technical Services Function:

i. Provide technical assistance to PI/staff, consistent with procedures in IACUC-approved protocols.

ii. Operate major equipment: fluoroscopy/C-Arm, echo machine, table, power injector, automatic radiographic film processor, and all other electronic equipment in safe and proper manner.

iii. Operate facility-based computer system and software applications related to cath lab.

G. Continuing Education Function:

i. Attend any relevant conferences or symposia and lectures.

ii. Read all educational materials related to the care and use of laboratory animals as directed by CRC Veterinarians, and read and understand all operating policies of Rush and the CRC.

III. Work-Related Hazards:

i. Exposed to doses of radiation, resultant from use of the fluoroscopy.

ii. Exposed to and handle hazardous, toxic, and carcinogenic materials, including but not limited to Formalin/Formaldehyde, etc.

iii. Lift and move heavy items (up to and over 65 kg/150 lbs

iv. Utilize surgical instruments/syringes, anesthetics, analgesics, and other drugs.

v. Exposed to blood, other bodily fluids, and fecal matter.

IV. Position Qualifications Include:

A. Knowledge:

i. Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences and two to four years of related laboratory animal research experience or the equivalent combination of education train and experience where the required knowledge skills and abilities have been acquired.

ii. Certified Veterinary Technician or Animal Health Technician preferred.

iii. Certification in FDA GLP Standards strongly preferred.

B. Skills

i. Interpersonal communication skills needed to explain and demonstrate procedures to doctors, principle investigators, and cardiology fellows from Rush and outside sources.

ii. Must possess understanding of animal physiology and behavior; animal husbandry and procedures; anesthesia and surgical principles; and administration of pharmaceutical agents to animals and its sequelae.

iii. Must be proficient in drug dose calculations and in preparation and administration of pharmaceuticals and anesthesia to common species of animal housed in the CRC.

iv. Must be proficient in surgical manipulation, necropsy, dissection, and histological techniques.

v. Must be competence in basic histological “bench work” such as handling of biotherapeutic samples, performing serial dilutions, histological / immunohistochemistry staining, and microscopy.

vi. Understand of how to use personal protective equipment and how to follow practices associated with sterile surgical procedures and animal husbandry procedures.

C. Abilities:

i. Ability to collaborate with physicians, external companies, CRC/SRL staff, and personnel.

ii. Ability to work with radiation safety, medical engineering, and CRC/SRL, etc.

Company Highlights:

  • Ranked among the top academic medical centers in the country, Rush University Medical Center is an outstanding place to enhance your career. Everything we do centers on one goal: improving patient care.

  • Rush's 14-story hospital Tower is the cornerstone of the Rush Transformation, and is the symbol of a philosophy-an evolution in the delivery of patient-centered care.

  • Rush offers a competitive salary, valuable healthy living benefits to include: health, dental and vision to help you maintain and improve your health. Rush also offers several ways to invest in your future. Whether you’re saving for retirement or a child’s education, Rush offers benefits to help you make the most of your money…now and in the future.

Rush is an equal opportunity employer. We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, and other legally protected characteristics.